He had his priorities from an early age

By the time my child Jason turned 18, he was already driving his sixth car.

My partner plus I bought him his first car one day at 16, which was a small 2-door used Honda that we thought was a great car.

While Jason enjoyed the car, we observed that he was consistently making changes and alterations to it. The first thing he had done was to get the windows tinted at a custom car shop near our home. He paid for the car window tinting with his own lawn mowing money. At the time, he said he paid about $150 to have his car windows tinted, which is about the average cost of correct tints. Because he was working plus used his own money, we allowed him to do whatever he wanted with his car. But I was shocked when he came to the condo with a custom car wrap and custom automobile graphics. I was beyond shocked to find out that it cost him $2,000 for everything, however he saved his money plus got it done. At the time, he worked plus managed to get great grades, so myself and others gave him some freedom when it came to spending the money he gained. But after he completed the custom car wrap, we recommended him not to put any more money into the stupid car. The car itself was not pricey plus we didn’t want him to continue to spend more and more money on upgrades than on the cost of the car. Jason is far older now plus over the years, he has gotten more custom car wraps done to the several vehicles that he owned. I must admit that most of the custom wraps have been pretty cool.


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