They had plenty of cabins to view

When Blake and Anna started to look for a larger house for their family, they had a lot of cabins to view.

  • They were in a small 2 bedroom with 1 bathroom and they decided to replace it with a four bedroom with several bathrooms.

The realtor showed Blake and Anna at least a dozen different cabins every weekend for 4 weeks before they were completely tired by the process. Blake and Anna were growing tired of looking at cabins and they truthfully didn’t see anything that was more than just okay. Then on a Friday, the realtor showed them the perfect cabin for their family. The locale needed some tender love and care, but they were truly excited about the modern construction roof on the cabin. The modern roof looked superb and it still had a 15-year warranty. Blake and Anna were not excited about some of the electrical work that needed to be done inside of the cabin, however a modern roof was an upscale replacement and it was already completed. They would never have to spend money for a roof installation as long as they lived in the cabin. When Blake and Anna sat down at the end of the morning to look at all of the pictures of the cabins that they viewed, the house with a brand new roof stuck out in their mind. They made an offer on the cabin and it was accepted less than a day later. The owner of the locale was motivated to sell and even took $10,000 below the asking price.

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