The cherry table matched mom’s dining room.

Mom had a beautiful cherry dining room set my grandparents had given to her.

When they broke up housekeeping and moved into a senior care center, they gave all their children the opportunity to take what they wanted before everything else got auctioned off.

She chose the cherry dining room set because she remembered how much fun they used to have sitting with her mom and coloring there. When I was talking to a friend of mine about the dining room set, she took me into her house and showed me the cherry sideboard and children’s cherry table and chairs set she had. She said she had been trying to find a wonderful home for it, and asked if I would like to buy it. She quoted me a price that I couldn’t refuse. Mom was always looking for a children’s dining table and chairs for when the entire family got together on holidays. The sideboard and dining set matched perfectly with what she got from my grandparents. My husband and I carefully loaded it into the back of our truck with the help of my friend and her husband. I called to tell mom we were on our way to her house, and we had a present for her. When she saw the cherry dining set and sideboard, she burst into tears. She said her parents had the exact items, and they were sold at an auction. I wondered if that wasn’t how my friend got the cherry furniture. My mom was thrilled with the newly acquired addition to her dining room.


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