I hired a certified fitness expert and learned something new about water

I just hired a certified fitness expert that provides nutritional counseling to help me with my health and wellness journey.

For years, I have been trying to get healthier on my own, but I have yet to find any real success.

My biggest issue is that I will get to a certain weight and then I will plateau and won’t lose anything beyond that point. So, it has been a bit frustrating because no matter how much I workout or go to the gym, nothing seems to work. So, after I have had enough of seeing very little success, I figured I would try something new, and hire a professional. On my first consultation, the fitness expert told me something I have never heard. He said that I didn’t need to continue drinking the 8 glasses of water per day. I have been drinking 8 glasses of water for most of my health and wellness journey, so I was floored at the idea that someone who is supposed to be certified in nutritional counseling would say something as preposterous as that. But after he explained to me that water also comes from food sources like fruits and vegetables, his declaration made complete sense. So, his recommendation was instead of drinking so much water in a day, that I should incorporate more fruits and vegetables in my diet. Who knew that at 35 that I would be learning something like this from a fitness expert. I am grateful that I made the decision to get nutritional counseling from him because it seems like I have a whole lot more to learn.

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