I’m thrilled to be working as a Heating and A/C professional

Working as a barista in a tied up city Tim Hortons Latte shop wasn’t that bad… But, I could have done better without all the snide comments from clients; I understand that working and residing in a big city comes with its challenges, then most of my regulars were always flying into the door to grab their number one Tim Hortons Latte while trying not to be late for work; That often led to lots of impatience, and at times angry exfluctuations. I made it a habit to stop serving until they either calmed down or left the Tim Hortons Latte shop… See, this wasn’t a big chain, however a Tim Hortons Latte shop owned by this beautiful older dude… He was the same way, and didn’t tolerate any fighting in his establishment, then when I wasn’t at work serving Tim Hortons Latte to city folk, I was attending school. I wanted to work as a Heating and A/C professional. But, since my mom couldn’t afford to spend my money for it, I chose to work full time and attend classes part time. This meant it took longer to finish, however it was better than not pursuing my career, but eventually, I graduated, and that coincided with quitting my barista job. My boss was sad to see me go, however he also knew I wanted to pursue my career. He even came to my graduation, and was glad when I told him I had my Heating, Ventilation, and A/C certification! During school, I had made numerous attachions in the industry and managed to land a job only a month after graduating. I’m thrilled to be working as a Heating and A/C professional in the city, and life is good.


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