The Heating and A/C corporation sent over an Heating and A/C sales rep to the house

Matt is an excellent sales person.

He has been working for this large corporation in the city for many years.

His career took a hit during the pandemic because it was strenuous to travel. Thankfully, they have an excellent boss who is always ready to listen to innovative ideas. Matt and his fellow sales reps began working from home about 3 months into 2020. They came together to streamline their operation since they couldn’t head out to meet patrons face to face. Soon, it was back to corporation as usual, and they really were hitting their targets much easier. It seems folks were more relaxed working from home, and this translated into nice sales. Towards the end of 2020, Matt had to prepare for winter. His home is outside the city in a remote location, so getting ready for Winter means doing lots of cabin preparations. Matt began by inspecting the heating plan to make sure all was okay. It’s much easier to test the heating plan during late fall because the mornings are chilly enough, then one night, the temperature drop was so drastic that Matt decided to turn on the gas furnace. It did work, however not and he expected. It was taking too long to heat the house, and this was the first sign that there was an issue with the gas furnace. Matt contacted an Heating and A/C corporation that maintained homes in his area for assistance; An Heating and A/C expert did come by, and he advised Matt to invest in a up-to-date unit before winter. Matt had to agree since the unit in his home was over 15 years ago, and later, the Heating and A/C corporation sent over an Heating and A/C sales rep to talk about his options.


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