Played in the Basement

Well, it was two days ago now because yeahterday I didn’t do our Heating as well as A/C system writing because of other things going on.

Both of us had a fantastic time playing songs to some crowds in the large town the other night and it was also our first time playing songs and singing on stage at an open mic.

I’ve done tons of comedy open mics, but I’ve since crossed over to songs and this was our first time playing in front of a crowd at a songs mic. It was fun and the central heating and air duct system in the place was brand new. It was legitimately cold out that night and it felt nice to be in a warm place with a bunch of cheerful energetic people. Both of us will do more mics next month and keep the ball rolling with our Heating as well as A/C dealer labor too. The only bad section about this is the weather is really cold and it makes playing in the streets difficult as there are no space heating systems where every one of us play. I think every one of us will need to get into some clubs more while in the Winter because our hands don’t fare so well in the brutal cold. I am getting ready to go for a swim and I know the water is going to be really cold this week, but that is fantastic because I have a current hot water heating system and it keeps the water hot long enough to fill our bathtub up for a nice bubble bath after our cold day dip. I will be back later to write some more after heating up our hands for a bit.

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