I called first thing in the morning.

I called the HVAC technician early yesterday morning.

My son was an HVAC technician, and he worked for that company.

I wanted to know if he had been to work the last two days. She told me was at the HVAC company, but he was also on call for the last forty-eight hours, and he caught a few hours of sleep at work. She said half the people at the HVAC company were out with the flu. When my son came home that afternoon, he looked haggard and much older than his twenty-four years old. He asked for something to eat, but he fell asleep before I could get it to him. After covering him with a blanket, I left him asleep on the sofa until he woke up the next morning. He ate his breakfast and was nearly running out the door. He had his uniform on and I knew he was going back to the HVAC company. He turned around and gave me a kiss on the cheek and told me thank you. I wasn’t sure what he was thanking me for until he said it was for making him get a flu shot. I laughed as he headed out to work. Things calmed down at the HVAC company and my son’s forty-eight-hour shifts came to an end. Now, I could tell him I needed some work on our furnace; without feeling guilty. When his long-term shift started four days earlier, my furnace was making odd noises and cycling on and off often. I had to wait until he got home to say something.
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