He walked close, but he never touched.

When the HVAC technician came to the house last week, I felt uncomfortable.

He walked close to me when we were chatting, and he didn’t take his eyes off my face. He never touched me, but I was uncomfortable. He went to the basement and worked on my furnace, when I showed him where the basement was, and he thanked me. I noticed his speech was a bit slurred, and I wondered if he had been drinking, taken drugs, or was ill. Different scenarios were going through my mind. I called the HVAC company and let them know about my concerns. The secretary said she would talk to the owner of the HVAC company and ask for his opinion. While I waited for the HVAC company to call me back. I stayed in the kitchen and waited for the HVAC technician to get done downstairs. Ten minutes later, the HVAC company owner called. He asked me questions about the HVAC technician and told me he would be at the house in five minutes. I was wondering if they would send an ambulance, but they didn’t. It was only the owner of the HVAC company that arrived. He went downstairs to talk to the technician. When he came upstairs, he apologized and said the secretary should have given me information on this HVAC technician. He stays close and stares at people because he is deaf and reads their lips. It embarrassed me for not recognizing the signs. My brother was deaf, and he read lips and stared at people’s mouths when they were talking.

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