The air purifiers in my house are really good at improving my indoor air quality

Having a single air purifier for the house would cut down on energy use as well

Over the last few years, everyone has been catching colds and spreading them amongst the family. Once any of us get sick with a cold or the flu, we all get sick one by one. I feel like I developed asthma after dealing with some many consecutive chest colds that leave me terribly congested in my chest. It wasn’t until middle school that I was actually diagnosed with asthma, and this was after getting bronchitis almost every year since birth. I got used to masks during the COVID pandemic because they caught a lot of allergens outdoors that I would otherwise breathe on a day to day basis. I still use my KN-95 masks because I feel like they drastically reduce the amount of crud that gets into my respiratory system. Whenever I’m at home I’m able to benefit from the several air purifiers in my house that I have running in each individual zone to create a whole-home air purification effect. I’m impressed by how much these air purifiers are able to improve my indoor air quality. They all have HEPA and charcoal filters in them along with UV-C bulbs to kill any viral or bacterial particles floating in your indoor air. Eventually I would like a media air purifier to add to the central HVAC system so I don’t need to use six different air purifiers running in separate zones throughout the house. Having a single air purifier for the house would cut down on energy use as well. It just seems like it would be easier to deal with across the board.


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