I didn't expect the AC problems this early

A couple of years ago, my wife and I came home from the grocery store and the house was as hot as it was outside.

I didn’t even want to bring the groceries inside of the house, because I wanted to sit outside in the car where the air conditioner was running.

My wife and I took all of the groceries and put them into the kitchen. I started looking at the thermostat and the air conditioner while my wife put the groceries away. The air conditioner was still set at 72°. The air conditioner should have been running, because it was 85 in the house. We ended up having to replace the entire heat pump and air conditioner. That was 3 years ago, so I definitely did not think that we would have problems with the AC system already. I knew there must be a problem with the air conditioner, because it was warm in the house one morning when I woke up. The air conditioner was running, but the air coming out of the machine did not feel like it was as cold as it should be. I didn’t have a thermostat or any other kind of temperature gauge, or I would have taken off the air vent cover and checked to see how cold it actually was. I don’t know a lot of things about AC units, so I decided to contact a repair shop. I hope my wife put the groceries away while I was on hold waiting to talk to someone at the repair shop.

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