Did he really just say that I needed a new furnace?

Four years ago, I bought a furnace.

  • I thought I got an excellent deal on the furnace, but in now way did I think that four years later I would replace it.

I needed to have the furnace serviced, and I called the HVAC company, who installed my furnace. They sent an HVAC technician to the house. Within twenty minutes, he told me he couldn’t repair the furnace. I needed a new furnace. I knew my mouth dropped open, but no words came out. It rendered me speechless and all I could think was, ‘Did he really say that I needed a new furnace?’ After getting over the shock of his statement, I asked how I could need a new furnace when it was only four years old? He told me the furnace was almost fifteen years old. When I bought the furnace, it was refurbished, but it didn’t come with a warranty. It was an as is sale, and there wasn’t anything he could. The heat exchanger was cracked, and he said it wouldn’t be safe or workable to install a new heat exchanger. If I used the furnace this way, it could leak deadly gases in the air and they could kill you and you wouldn’t know you were in danger. I did some research on the heat exchanger, and realized he was right. I shouldn’t have been cheap and bought a used furnace. I looked at new furnaces and realized why I hadn’t bought a brand new one four years ago. They were expensive, but it would have been cheaper had I bought a new furnace four years ago.

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