All I could hear was music coming from the basement.

I was sitting in my kitchen drinking coffee when I heard music coming from the basement.

I had forgotten the HVAC technician was working on my furnace until I heard the music.

I had never heard the song, but it was quite nice. I listened to a few more songs before I realized it was the same person singing them all. I went downstairs and asked the HVAC technician who the singer was? He told me it was just a demo CD he was listening to. It wasn’t for sale or in any stores. It devastated me I couldn’t buy the CD. I once again asked who sings the songs, and who wrote them. The HVAC tech told me his son wrote music and did all the singing, but he wrote the words. I wondered why he was an HVAC technician when he wrote such beautiful songs, but I didn’t want to pry. He turned back to the furnace, but the music was still playing. I sat on the basement stair step, listening to the music, and asked if his son’s band ever played in public. I knew this was the bank my daughter would want for her wedding. He said he had done no public performances yet, but they were hoping to get some once he got the CD on the radio. I asked if I could get my daughter here in ten minutes, would he let her listen to the CD? Ten minutes later, we sat in the kitchen listening to the CD. My daughter told me that was the band she wanted for her wedding and asked the HVAC technician what they would charge. The next evening, my daughter and her fiance were at my house, along with the HVAC technician and his son, working out a deal for their first public performance.


All I could hear was music coming from the basement.

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