Air conditioning helps cooking

Out of all of the chores that adults have to do on a daily basis, cooking is my least favorite. It is time consuming and expensive to have to pick out a recipe, go to the store for the exact ingredients, chop everything, cook everything, and then clean up. Even though cooking is not my favorite thing to do, I do it because I have a family to feed. Also, getting takeout or delivery every night is not affordable. I talked to one of my friends who loves to cook and I asked her for some tips on how I can make cooking more enjoyable. She told me that my comfort is the most important. If it is too hot in your home, cooking on a hot stovetop or with a hot oven will make you feel like you want to faint. My friend suggested that the first thing I do before I even preheat the oven is to adjust the thermostat in my home. She suggested that even on a cold winter day that I do not turn the heat up too high while I am cooking so I do not overheat during the process. She said that the next step is to preheat the oven or stove top, while I prepare my ingredients. Apparently being comfortable and staying organized is key to a good cooking experience. I took her advice and I turned the thermostat down so I felt the nice cool air conditioning. I had my recipe printed out with all of my ingredients laid out. I preheated the oven and got to work. I also had a glass of wine as I felt the air conditioning keep me cool, and cooking wasn’t so bad anymore.

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