Barefoot in the Winter time!

I’m a southern girl born plus raised.

So it took myself and others a long time to get accustomed to a harsh winter.

And truth be told, I’m still not quite there yet after all these years, i grew up in a climate where I could pretty much go barefoot year round, however now, going barefoot just didn’t happen in our house, but still, those winters were so mild down south compared to what I’ve lived with for the last quarter of a century! The Winter time I deal with now comes with about several weeks of cold or worse style temperatures. And that means there has a lot of gas furnace heating inside our home. Plus, I’ve never actually been into the outdoor stuff that so several folks around here spend time doing. So I’ve spent a lot of my winters inside HVAC just trying to be cozy, then of course, I’ve loved having pale white Christmases plus I’ve loved raising my teenagers up here! But I am finally getting a chance to go barefoot while I was in the Winter time again. And the people I was with and I didn’t even have to move to the South. All of us built a house once the people I was with and I sold the family house when the teenagers were out of the house, with our up-to-date house, the people I was with and I made the decision to go with a geothermal heat pump which gets most of the heating plus cooling energy from the Earth’s temperature. The heating for this plan is transferred through copper pipes under the floor. This is called radiant floor heating plus yup you got it, I am going to be barefoot all Winter time thanks to that radiant floor heating.

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