I didn't expect the AC issues this time

Only a couple of years ago, my husbandy plus I came lake condo from the grocery store plus the condo was as tepid as it was outside.

I didn’t even want to bring the groceries inside of the house, because I wanted to sit outside in the car where the air conditioner was running.

My husbandy plus I took all of the groceries plus put them into the living room. I started looking at the temperature control plus the air conditioner while my husbandy put the groceries away. The air conditioner was still set at 78°. The air conditioner should have been running, because it was 85 in the house. The two of us ended up having to update the entire heat pump plus air conditioner. That was 3 years ago, so I truly did not believe that we would have issues with the AC system already. I knew there must be a complication with the air conditioner, because it was boiling in the condo one morning when I woke up. The air conditioner was running, but the air coming out of the machine did not feel prefer it was as chilly as it should be. I didn’t have a temperature control or any other kind of temperature gauge, or I would have taken off the air vent cover plus inspected to see how chilly it truly was. I do not know a lot of things about AC units, so I decided to contact a repair shop. I hope my husbandy put the groceries away while I was on hold waiting to talk to someone at the repair shop.

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