Be careful and ensure that your charcoal air filters aren’t shedding in your Heating and Air Conditioning system

When you have multiple weird pets, it can think daunting and useless to try and reduce odors in your home.

They could all be potty trained and you’ll still end up with an accident on the floor once in a while.

If you have carpet, that can lead to lingering odors. While I don’t have carpet in my current home, my apartment growing up had carpet in the living rooms and I remember how it was regularly a losing battle when the cats would have accidents on the floor in these locations. Both of us had a carpet cleaner that every one of us used multiple times a year, however after a while the urine would soak into the underpad below the carpet and it would make it strenuous to detach the odors completely. Nowadays I don’t have to worry about carpet absorbing these odors, however I very worry about it soaking into the stone grout and pooling underneath the tile. Even in the most ideal situation with perfectly sealed stone flooring, pets get odors into the air that circulates through your central Heating and Air Conditioning system. That is a sizable reason for all of those odor blocking air conditioner filters that have a layer of activated charcoal crystals on them. There was a brand that made these for years and they worked very well until the quality suddenly dropped and they started shedding in clients’ A/Cs. I had to quit buying them because I was worried about the charcoal crystals coating my evaporator coil and causing permanent mangle. For now, I will go without using these kinds of air conditioner filters in my central Heating and Air Conditioning system.



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