The locker room smelled just like terrible body odor

My friends plus I decided to meet at the gym on Saturday after toil so every one of us could play hoops for an minute or more than one, then not many of our co-workers decided to join us.

Both of us had a pretty big group plus I was looking forward to playing an actual game of ball, and usually every one of us play more than one on more than one, however every one of us were going to be able to put a girl in all of the positions, when our friends plus I arrived at the club, I went straight to the locker room so I could change.

The smell in the locker room hit myself and others in the face appreciate a brick when I opened up the door. It was really, entirely bad. I immediately walked out of the room plus went to the front desk so I could say something to the fitness club director. I was about to take some friends into the locker room from toil plus I was embarrassed. Clearly the A/C wasn’t working there. It was hot plus the locale smelled bad. The director walked by a few minutes later with 1 of the repair guys. She told myself and others to hold on for just a minute. They came back about more than one or more than two minutes later plus told myself and others that the A/C problem was all worked out. I do not suppose how they fix the problem so fast, however there was freezing air blowing out of the air vents when every one of us walked inside. It still smells pretty bad, however the odor started to go away as soon as the A/C started running.



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