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And when our wife and I first met, I had a really small fruit rest on the side of the road.

  • I just had a couple of local things that I grew on the farm plus some things that I got from other friends and family members.

The fruit rest wasn’t meant to gain a lot of money. It was mostly there so friends and family didn’t have to drive all the way into town just to get some bell peppers, potatoes, or celery! After a while, our wife and I expanded our supplier and grew. The people I was with and I added a selection of fresh deli items and a bakery. The people I was with and I even have a counter that sells fresh, local honey. A few months ago the two of us had some trouble with the AC. I was only using a basic Central A/C component for the entire business. I knew that I needed something much more professional. I contacted three different suppliers in the section that are certified and licensed in heating and a/c services. I got a different quote from each a single of the service providers, however one of the service providers provided to meet any lower price. I absolutely liked that guy a lot. I wanted to use him to install the commercial A/C system. He made it absolutely straight-forward for me to choose him as our supplier provider once he agreed to lower his quote to any other reasonable offer. About a month later, the two of us had the current commercial A/C component installed. I never thought that I would own a grocery store, however our small fruit rest is anything however that now.
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