Several gymnasts passed out at competition due to undefined failure

When I was in high college, I was a competitive cheerleader; When all the people guess of cheerleading, they do not guess it is a sport; However, I do guess it is a sport.

Cheerleading involves dance, cheerleading, and stunting. It requires coordination, flexibility, agility, strength, and cardiovascular endurance. My cheerleading team used to travel to compete. All of us made it to the national competition and both of us were able to fly from the northeastern region of the country to the southeastern region of the country for this competition, keep in mind, several of the girls on my team have not experienced the weather conditions of the south. My cheer coach reminded us that there would be when both of us competed, but to be careful when both of us were walking around outside in the heat. Her advice did not make sense when she decided to have us practice outside in the heat before competition. Her reasoning is that both of us should be able to stick our routine someplace- inside in the , outside in the sun, on sod, or on floors meant for tumbling. After an extremely sizzling practice in the southern heat, both of us all went back to our air conditioned rooms so everyone was good that night. All of us were fatigued from the heat, but both of us were ready to compete the next afternoon. All of us got ready for the competition in our air conditioned hotel rooms. All of us had to put makeup on our faces and do our hair, so both of us were grateful for the cool When both of us got to the venue for the competition, both of us noticed large fans everywhere, the broke, but they decided to continue with the competition. The broken caused over a single hundred cheerleaders to pass out.
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