The heat pump is doing more than just providing cooling comfort

I’m not at all taking the heat pump for granted any longer.

For the longest time, I just associated the heat pump with HVAC cooling. This comes with the territory when you live in a region like mine. Our summers can simply be brutal. It’s not enough that we spend four months straight with the temperatures hovering around a hundred. No, we also deal with an enormous amount of humidity as well. It’s like being super hot and then having a warm, sticky, wet blanket thrown on top of you. This is summer where I live. And I just tended to push the HVAC thermostat down to where it felt good. But what I didn’t realize was that there is a lot more to what the heat pump is doing in the summer. Sure, it’s cooler inside thanks to the air conditioning. This is a fact. But do you ever notice that the cooling air also comes with a certain crispness to it? Yea, that’s the magic of HVAC technology. The heat pump really is an amazing combination of physics and genius engineering. And essentially, the HVAC technology for residential HVAC has been the same since the 50’s. The cooling process starts with the heat pump actually moving heat energy out of the house to make room for cooler air. But it’s also automatically balancing the humidity level as a lot of moisture is exhausted outside in the process. And that’s why the air is so crisp inside when the air conditioning is on. Like I said, I will no longer be taking the heat pump for granted. Instead, I will be celebrating the heat pump for the amazing HVAC technology it employs.

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