It has been way too hot at our church the past few weeks

The past few Sundays at church, it has been much too hot inside the main building.

I am not sure what could be going on with the HVAC system at our church, but something is definitely wrong with it.

The heating and cooling system that we have at church is one of those ductless mini split systems that you may have seen in a gym or a bar. At our church, we have two different ductless mini split units. One is installed at the back of the church and the other one is installed near the front of the church. Usually, the ductless mini split units do a pretty good job at heating and cooling the building. Usually the indoor air quality inside of the building is just fine. I have just started noticing that over the past couple of weeks, the heating system runs way more than it actually needs to. I don’t know if it’s something that is actually wrong with the heating system or if it is just manual error. Usually, the pastor of the church is the one who sets the thermostat settings. I don’t know if someone else is doing it because he’s on vacation this month or what. All I really know is that they really need to do something about it because it has been miserably hot inside the church during our last two services. At one point, I actually felt like getting up and leaving just so that I could go outside and get some fresh air. I’m afraid that our visitors might feel the same way!


It has been way too hot at our church the past few weeks

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