No control over temperature in office building

I was genuinely gleeful when my dealer started construction on a new building.

  • For weeks, my coworkers and I watched the construction process.

The two of us were super eager to transfer into our new building. The new office space is situated right downtown and just gorgeous. It’s equipped with all of the most modern amenities, including automatic lights, touchless faucets and keyless door locks. However, the entire staff has some complaints. Because of the location of the building, every one of us deal with heavy traffic on our way to and from work. There is also absolutely limited parking. The two of us are forced to pay to use a parking garage several blocks away and then walk through rain, snow, heat, humidity and all sorts of weather conditions. The building is constructed almost entirely of glass, which is lovely and provides an amazing view however makes the working environment sizzling in the Summer and cold in the winter. Despite the tinted and thermal paned glass, the temperature of the glass makes a difference. While the building is outfitted with a state-of-the-art heating and cooling system, every one of us have no control over the temperature. The idea is set to automatically switch from heating to cooling on a particular date on the calendar; Even if the outside conditions are sizzling and sticky at the end of September, the heating idea starts up and blasts us with sizzling air. My coworkers and I are sporadically dressed in shorts in September. Occasionally the weather is still cold and snowy in April, however our idea has switched to air conditioning and the building is cold.



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