I love having a window air conditioner

I was never all that interested in any type of air conditioning for my home. The weather in my section makes it unnecessary. Our Summer seasons are short. They are occasionally harshly hot & humid but can also be chilly & rainy. I always got by with a few box fans & open windows. I enjoyed the fresh breeze, especially after keeping the current home sealed slender for the long winters. It was a relief to shut off the gas furnace & no longer pay such high biweekly bills. However, it was often hard to sleep because of the overheated & sticky conditions. When my sibling moved across the country, she gave me her window air conditioner. I didn’t really want it. I doubted I’d ever use it. Because my sibling installed the air conditioner into my study room window, I gave it a try. I was surprised how abruptly the component cooled the room down. The cool temperature & sound of the air conditioner running made it much easier to sleep. I was no longer bothered by exterior noise pollution, such as the neighbor’s dog barking. The window air conditioner was quite old, giant & heavy. It was rather hard to location in the window, remove & carry up the attic stairs for storage. Hardly any of years ago, the component broke. I found that I was unhappy getting by without cooling in my study room. When I went shopping at a current home improvement store, I was amazed by how much smaller & lightweight the current models are. They are more energy efficient, quiet & powerful. Plus, the a single I chose features a cordless remote that lets me make adjustments without getting out of bed.




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