Heating costs more than cooling

About a year ago, I replaced to a smart thermostat that offers all sorts of energy saving features… It provides helpful information such as energy tracking. Because of the thermostat, I was able to see our annual household consumption. It was a little surprising to see that every one of us use a lot more energy during the Wintertide than the summer. Both the heating system and air conditioner are fairly new, Energy Star qualified and top-of-the-line in efficiency ratings. I did some research and l earned that there are absolutely good reasons why I spend more on heating than cooling, however for starters, I keep the thermostat at approximately 79 degrees all year round… The highest Summer temperatures get to the mid to high eighties. That’s a difference of about fifteen degrees for a month or two. In the winter, the temperature is normally below cold and sporadically drops into the downside digits. The heating system needs to bring up the indoor temperature anywhere from forty to sixty degrees. The heating idea needs to work harder and run more often than the cooling unit, but plus, the cooling process is fairly straightforward. The air conditioner simply pulls heat out of the air and transfers it outdoors. The heating system burns fossil fuels to create heat. The process is way more complex and requires a good deal more energy. I have taken extra measures to reduce demands on the heater. I’ve caulked around windows, weatherstripped exterior doors and added insulation to the attic. I use ceiling fans to help push the heated air down toward the floor! Despite all my efforts, I’m never cheerful with the cost of my Wintertide energy bills.


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