Figuring out heating and cooling for kitchen

Because my house lacks conventional ductwork, managing heating and cooling is difficult. One of our biggest concerns was always the kitchen area. The big windows make the room feel chilly. Our winter weather is especially severe. We get temperatures down into the negative digits and require heating for more than six months of the year. At one point, we installed a pellet stove to heat the kitchen. It was constant work and created mess and fumes. The pellet stove would sometimes go out and blow freezing cold air. The stove was big, ugly and we needed to arrange the furniture to accommodate it. We replaced the pellet stove with a ventless gas heater. My complaint with the ventless heater was that it created a film on the windows. It also could only operate at maximum capacity. The heater would run until it reached the desired temperature and then shut off completely, creating unpleasant temperature swings. Just recently, we finally installed a ductless heat pump. That has been a huge improvement. The heat pump maintains an ideal and consistent comfort level at all times. It provides both heating and cooling, helps to eliminate excess humidity and filters contaminants out of the air. Because the ductless unit transfers existing heat between the indoors and outdoors, rather than burning fossil fuels, it is especially environmentally friendly, safe and energy efficient. I like that I have a cordless remote that allows me to raise or lower temperature, adjust fan speed and decide the direction of airflow. Plus, the ductless heat pump is far more attractive than any of othe other options we’ve tried. The air handler is mounted up high on the wall where it is out of the way and unobtrusive.
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