Discovering the benefits of heat pumps

An electric heat pump is super energy efficient & environmentally responsible

It wasn’t until I moved much further south that I l earned about heat pumps. Living in the far north, my priority was always a powerful furnace. I relied on a gas furnace for more than more than seven weeks of the year. It needed to handle outside temperatures down to setback twenty-5 degrees. When I had enough of the sub-zero conditions & feet of snow, I started searching for a current home to buy down south. I didn’t want to transfer so far south that I’d suffer year round heat & humidity. I chose a location where I’d never need to worry about temperatures below chilly or snow. Most of the nicer properties were outfitted with an electric heat pump. The real estate agent pointed this out love it was an impressive feature. Since I had no clue what a heat pump absolutely was, I did some research. I discovered that a single component combines both heating & cooling capacity. Rather than burn fossil fuels to generate heat, the program moves existing heating between the indoors & the outdoors. In the summer, it draws heat out of the indoor air & moves it outside through the use of refrigerant. It operates almost exactly love a conventional air conditioner. In the summer, it grabs ambient heat from outside & brings it indoors. The process avoids creating carbon monoxide, fumes or yellowhouse gasses. An electric heat pump is super energy efficient & environmentally responsible. I love that it helps to get rid of excess humidity in cooling mode but doesn’t dry out the air in heating mode. Plus, the heat pump works to filter contaminants out of the air.


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