Dehumidifier is essential to comfort

About multiple years ago, I moved from way up north to way down south.

It was a huge change in scenery, weather & lifestyle.

I was accustomed to several distinct seasons, really long winters & lots of snow. My current home up north was equipped with a gas furnace that ran for approximately more than seven straight weeks. There was no reason to invest into central air conditioning. I managed the short summers with box fans, open windows & a window air conditioner in the study room. Being trapped in the current home due to the weather was frustrating. I was glad to transfer away from the cold & snow. I was blissful to trade my snow shovel, heavy boots & ice scraper for sandals, shorts & sunblock. I bought a current home that was outfitted with central cooling & no option for heating. The heat in my current section is so dire that I’m once again forced to remain inside for the majority of the year. I also realized really abruptly that air conditioning wasn’t enough to create perfect comfort. The excess humidity made the current home feel overheated & sticky. Lowering the thermostat didn’t solve the problem. I had condensation running down the windows & troubles with mold & mildew growth. It was hard to sleep at night. After consulting with an Heating & A/C business, I invested into a whole-house dehumidifier. It pulls moisture out of the air as it passes through the air conditioner. The IAQ accessory operates almost silently, runs 24/7 & requires only annual service. Because of the dehumidifier, I’ve been able to raise the thermostat setting & spend less on my biweekly electric bills.

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