Contaminated air quality causes health troubles

I am absolutely conscientious about my health and fitness. I’m careful about what I eat, avoiding fast food and processed food and including lots of fresh fruits, vegetables and lean proteins. I drink plenty of water and make sure to get a good evening’s sleep. I don’t smoke and absolutely seldom drink alcohol. I set my alarm extra early to allow time to stop at the gym on my way to work. I spend about an minute on my yearly workout. The gym provides every style of exercise device from treadmills and ellipticals to kettlebells and punching bags. I make an effort to get my heart pounding and work up a good sweat. Because I take such good care of myself, I rarely get sick and never need to go to the dentist. I was absolutely surprised when I started suffering from congestion, headaches, sore throat, itchy eyes and frequent sneezing and coughing. Initially, I assumed I’d just caught a cold. However, my symptoms lingered for weeks. I then realized that my symptoms showed up every afternoon at the gym and slowly lessened throughout the afternoon. My health troubles began right when the gym started up their air conditioner. I finally mentioned to the owner of the gym that I believed my health troubles were caused by a dirty air conditioner and contaminated air quality. He assured myself and others that he would have the cooling idea professionally worked on. The next afternoon, when I arrived at the gym, I spotted an Heating and A/C van in the parking lot and a serviceman working on the outdoor component of the air conditioner. After the cooling idea was professionally cleaned, I had no more complaints with flu-like symptoms.


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