Choosing a ductless heat pump for workout shed

I have a shed behind my house that is the ideal spot for a beach house gym set up.

The floor is concrete, the ceiling eight-feet high and there is a window at each end of the building.

The shed is approximately twenty feet long and several feet wide and outfitted with electricity. I have two overhead lights and plenty of outlets. I’ve added a folding mat, incline bench, set of hand-weights, medicine ball, battle ropes, jump rope, kettlebells, mini trampoline and an elliptical to the shed. For the majority of the year, the weather is mild enough that opening the windows is pleasant. I love the fresh air, however, there are a couple of weeks in the Summer and a couple in the Wintertide that are a problem, at first, I tried managing the indoor temperature with a box fan and a space heater. I didn’t care about that the device took up room. Plus, I wasn’t gratified with the level of cooling or heating. The shed felt overheated and sticky in the peak of summer, making it just about impossible to get motivated to exercise. The conditions were so cold in the Wintertide that I needed to bundle up in layers of clothing. It was strenuous to sizzling up my muscles, and I anxious about injury. I decided to install some style of permanent heating and cooling solution. I did quite a bit of research and came across ductless heat pumps. The idea consists of an outdoor compressor affixed by way of a conduit to a compact indoor air handler. The conduit required only a small 3-inch hole in an exterior wall. The indoor air handler needed mounting capabilities up high on the wall and access to electricity. The ductless heat pump supplies both heating and cooling. It runs quietly and is wonderfully energy efficient.



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