The HVAC unit is making strange noises

If there’s one thing that I can understand it’s not being able to get any sleep, and this is exactly what I’ve been having for the last couple days I’ve not been able to get any kind of sleep because of my heating plus A/C system, I’m not sure what exactly is going on with my heating component but it is making all kinds of noises.

Of course the placement of my A/C component is also right outside my window.

It does not help that the place I live in has thin walls and so it does not help that the noisy A/C component makes it simple for me to hear every single sound it makes. This has been a real ongoing concern for me because I need to get up easily early in the day for work and I have been having trouble getting to work on time because of how tired I have been. I frequently found myself sleeping and arriving late. It’s all because of my heating and cooling method plus I know that I need to have it fixed but I’m unable to have it fixed because of the cost that it costs to have it fixed. All the local A/C specialists in my area are easily overpriced with how much they charge for the maintenance services. I suspect that there are some loose parts rattling within there that the local heating plus cooling guy will need to take care of. I do hope to have it repaired sooner rather than later, when I mentioned my predicament to a friend he mentioned that I could try to sign up for A/C services so I would be able to afford it but it is still something I am considering.


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