Some things to keep in mind about fall

The fall season is almost here, and this means there will be leaves falling all over the place in most areas.

One thing I am not sure if you knew or not was that when all those leaves fall around your central heating and a/c unit, they can cause clutter and really get up inside the heat and a/c unit! When this happens all kinds of things can go wrong with your central heating and a/c.

Including your fan jamming up, and if that happened you would have no choice but to call the local heat and a/c supplier to send out a certified heating and a/c specialist to repair your central heating and cooling unit. This is a few hundred dollars at least. To avoid this cost you can genuinely just be sure to wash up all the leaves as they fall around your central heating and a/c. You may need to spend an entire day doing this, but it is well worth it. Wouldn’t you rather just spend a fall day on a weekend or something raking leaves than having to shove out a few hundred bucks for heating and a/c repair? I know I would! So this is why I make it a point to regularly keep up with the leaves that are all over the area of my central heating and a/c in the fall, simply to avoid something happening to the HVAC unit fan. If you do this you should have no problems.
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