The HVAC company recently hired a new HVAC tech.

I don’t call the HVAC company for the little things.

I know how to change my air filters, and my husband taught me how to clean the air conditioning unit.

I am capable of sticking a vacuum cleaner hose into my air vents and pulling out the excess dust. The only thing I can’t do is work on the HVAC equipment when it is malfunctioning, or clean the ductwork. Last week, I called the HVAC company to have my ductwork cleaned. I had my furnace serviced almost a month ago, and wish I had thought to have the ductwork cleaned at that point. I knew the ductwork needed cleaning, when I started cleaning the house and noticed a thick film of dust all over my pictures and knickknacks. Had I done this cleaning prior to having the furnace serviced, I would have known that I needed ductwork cleaning professionals. I called the HVAC company and told them what I needed. The person whom I talked to told me they had hired a new HVAC technician, and they would send him out as part of the ductwork cleaning crew. Apparently, when you were a new HVAC company recruit, you ended up helping with the dirtiest jobs when you first start. I know everyone needs to learn their job, but I would not want to be an apprentice with an HVAC company when they are sending me out to clean ductwork. Not only does ductwork cleaning seem to be one of the dirtiest jobs you could get, but I don’t think it really has a lot to do with being an HVAC technician. But who am I, to tell the HVAC company who should and should not do a certain job?


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