The dogs enjoy their air conditioning

I worry a lot about the dogs in the Summer months when the temperatures outside are easily overheated and humid.

These dogs prefer to be outside even when the temperature is less than ideal.They would spend the whole day basking in the sunlight, although I assume that is not enjoyable for them when the outdoor temperatures are in the mid-90’s, and they come back inside the home panting and short of breath.

Every one of us keep water out in many strange locales throughout the yard, but they still come into the modern home painting; Last year while I was in the Summer season I got a great idea. I decided to build an air conditioned space for the dogs. I started off by taking apart their dog kennel. I knew that I could use those pieces and repurpose them for a strange use. I made an area for the dogs half the size of the yard. I air conditioned the space using a portable evaporative cooler. The portable evaporative cooler serves two purposes. It consistently recycles the water vapor allowing cool air to come out of the bottom and the reservoir is low enough to the ground that my dogs can drink from it as well, then during the day every one of us can leave my dogs in the air conditioned space for many sevenths. There is an area where the dogs can kneel in the sunlight and another spot where they can sit in the shade. This Summer season things are going to be a lot strange for the dogs. I think they are easily going to appreciate the new fluctuations that were made just for them.


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