My husband Ed is handy

My husband Ed is very handy.

  • We have been dating for 6 weeks, i wanted our husbandy Ed to go with me back to our childhood home for thanksgiving.

Ed was absolutely sad as well as insisted that the people I was with and I stay at a hotel instead of at our parents home, then since he was nervous, I let Ed talk me into going to a hotel; My mom as well as Mom were a little disappointed that Ed and I were not going to stay at the house, but they also understood that Ed and I wanted to have some privacy; Ed and i still spend all afternoon as well as all night at the house. Ed was just more comfortable sleeping in a location that was not our old bedroom. My parents would have of course let us sleep in the same room as well as in the same bed, but that made Ed feel even more nervous. All of us had just turned in at the hotel when I got a call from our mom. She felt sad as well as I could tell that he had been crying. She told me that there was a concern with the old furnace as well as the condo was cold. She was sad because he could not get a hold of anyone to come first thing in the afternoon before the large get together. I asked Ed if the furnace issue was a concern that he could help with. Ed works in an Heating as well as A/C service business that handles commercial work. Ed doesn’t really talk a lot about work although I thought he might be able to offer a helping hand. Ed drove back to our parents condo as well as Jack started really working on the furnace. My Mom gave Ed all of the tools that he had available.


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