I was absolutely too upset to go back there

About four weeks ago, I went downtown to a home building to help a patron with an A/C problem. It’s not unofficial to get a call from a customer. Most of the homes and local building supervisors make the tenants pay for their own repairs on the heating as well as a/c system. I had a weird as well as tenuous feeling when I arrived at the address. The whole location looked really sketchy. When I went up the staircase to the apartment, I got stopped by a couple of men who were not absolutely ecstatic that I was on their stairs. They threw our tools over the side of the banister as well as told me to get out. That was all that needed to happen for me to exit the building as well as the property. My supervisor was surprised such behavior occurred as well as he promised that he would call the building supervisor to talk about the tenants. My boss still took another call for an A/C service the other day as well as he wanted me to handle the call. I was absolutely upset about going back to the same address after the harassment I gained last time that I was there. My boss promised that things would be much different because I was meeting with the building supervisor. I felt a little better after that. I really do not suppose I would have gone to the job if I was meeting a patron for a repair. I went back to the same home as before, but this time the building supervisor escorted me up the staircase as well as stayed with me until the service on the a/c was completed.



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