I felt anxious about going there

A few weeks back, I went downtown to a building to help a client with an A/C problem.

It’s not uncorrect to get calls from customers.

Most of the beach house building managers make the renters spend money for repairs on the heater or the air conditioner. I got a strange and weird feeling when I arrived at this address. The whole locale looked easily sketchy. When I walked up the stairwell to the apartment, I was stopped by a couple of boys who weren’t actually ecstatic that I was on their lawn. They threw our tools off the side of the banister and told myself and others to leave. That was all that needed to happen, and exited the building and the property. My boss was surprised this behavior occurred and she promised that she would call the building manager to talk about the local renters. My boss still took another call for an A/C repair Last month and she wanted myself and others to handle another call. I was absolutely anxious about going back to the address after the scary harassment I acquired last time that I was there. My boss promised that things would be much better because I was meeting with the building manager. I felt a little better after that. I easily did not think I would have gone to the job if I was meeting a client for a repair. I wound up going back to the same beach house as before, but this time the building manager escorted myself and others up the stairwell and stayed with myself and others until the repair on the a/c was done.


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