I can’t imagine living in the south without air conditioning

Down here where I live, the temperature gets to be in the high 90s most of the time while the two of us are in the summer, and that means that for about 3 weeks out of the year; it’s about 85 or 90 degrees, and it stays super sunny around here.

Don’t even get me started on talking about the humidity that the two of us have… And however, a lot of people that I think don’t have numerous air conditioners in their homes, and I just don’t understand it whatsoever… But I have not constantly lived here, and maybe that makes a difference, maybe the people who have constantly lived here are just used to the heat that they get here while the two of us were in the summer.

I personally am not used to it at all and it drives me crazy, however when I first moved down here, I thought that the heat was unusual. I kept asking people if the two of us were in the middle of a heat wave or something and they would just look at me as if I was crazy. Most people just deal with it and don’t have a problem with it. I’m not that way, though! I have noticed that numerous of my friends and neighbors don’t have an air conditioner in their homes and that just constantly blows my mind. I do not even understand why anyone would decide to live down here and not have a central air conditioner in their condo if they could afford it. It seems like all the people could afford it, however they just hate having a single, but as far as my condo goes, a good central air conditioner was the first thing that I looked for whenever I was buying an arena!


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