I called the HVAC company and got roped into a maintenance program

The other day I called my HVAC company to make an appointment for them to come and work on my air conditioning system for me.

When I was talking to the HVAC technician on the phone, he ended up talking to me about their heating and cooling maintenance program.

He told me that they had a brand new heating and cooling maintenance program that had just started and he said they were signing people up at a discounted rate for a limited amount of time. I noticed all of the sales jargon that he was using on me, but I had to admit that the thoughts of having a regular heating and cooling maintenance program actually sounded pretty good to me. It’s hard for me to remember to call and make appointments every three or four months to have my HVAC system looked at and my air filters changed. I am constantly forgetting to do any type of maintenance work on my heating and cooling system and I know that the indoor air quality in my house definitely suffers because of that. I hemmed and hawed for a little while, but when he told me that the first month would be free if I signed up that day, I gave in and signed up for the program. I don’t usually fall for stuff like that, but the sound of the heating and cooling maintenance program just sounded way too good to be true. They are supposed to be coming out later this week to check out my air conditioning system for me and to change the air filter.

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