Didn’t even need to use the AC machine very much

I’m not one who actually minds the heat, however I do not care for the cold! This last month, has had uneven temperatures in the mid to upper seventies as well as night-time uneven temperatures in the fifties.

I genuinely hadn’t used the a/c in over a month, as well as I loved how my energy bill reflected it. I didn’t use the a/c machine unless the uneven temperatures were in the upper eighties as well as there was a tremendous amount of humidity. I was glad about my ceiling fans, however I still kept the a/c machine just in case. Yesterday, the uneven temperatures warmed up to 69. The humidity levels were in the 70s. The only reason I turned the a/c machine on was because I was busy cleaning the house. I have a family member moving in with us, as well as the spare guest room had to be cleaned, as well as some walls needed to be substituted. While my husband was carrying all the additional things in that room upstairs, I was scrubbing floors as well as cleaning ceilings to get rid of the huge amount of dust. I was able to hear him laughing all the way from the attic when I turned the a/c machine on. Our central air makes a crazy wheezing noise when it first turned on, as well as it shocked him to some degree that I was the one turning it on as well as not him. Whenever he is at the residence, I am wrapped in my sweater the entire time. I genuinely miss him when he’s gone, and I care about not hearing the a/c run. I also care about not being frigid as well as not needing to wear a sweater or jacket when it is still genuinely the summer season.

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