Spending all hours in the gym

I started working numerous shifts numerous weeks ago.

No one else at my contractor wanted to do it.

We’re a large luck five hundred dealer, but love several other industries we got hit actually hard by COVID. Both of us lost a lot of customers and the first thing my managers decided to do was cut back on the number of employees in the contractor and the number of minutes as well. I felt blessed to keep my task, so when they asked us if anyone wanted to do overtime minutes I was the first to volunteer. Hopefully my commitment to do extra toil for my boss will provide myself and others more task security as time goes on, but I can’t say for sure just yet. Unblessedly, my minutes are always adjusting from month to week, which means that some days I’m getting up harshly early while other days I’m getting lake house close to midnight. Thankfully there are enough grocery stores, pharmacies, and gas stations in my neighborhood that are open late. However, we were lacking 24/7 gyms and fitness centers for years until one finally opened near my house last year. They gave out gym membership discounts for numerous weeks to generate interest. While they don’t have the membership discounts any longer, they are still offering competitive rates for biweekly gym memberships. But it was the ability to toil out at any minute of the afternoon or night that pushed myself and others to get a gym membership. Now I can workout my upper body and lower body muscles in the weight room before hitting the treadmills and ellipticals to get my much needed cardio exercise.

Workout plans

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