My wife told me to call an internet marketing company.

I couldn’t believe my wife was telling me to call her friend

I had been struggling to make my HVAC company thrive, but nothing was working. I had put ads on television, and I even created a website. I was told I should have a website and a working telephone number so people could contact me once the ad went live. The phone was ringing off the hook the day after my ad showed, but there were questions about the ad, and no inquiries for our business. I was disappointed that I had spent that much money and received nothing for it. I hadn’t gotten a single hit on my website, which made me even angrier. I was talking to my wife and she told me I may be taking the wrong direction. I looked at her, hoping she would keep talking and give me some insight into what she was talking about. She told me about a friend who did internet marketing. The friend worked independently, but she was really good at what she did. She created and maintained websites for her clients. She filled the website with SEO and linked it to keyword filled social media ads and google ads. She offered PPC, pay per click, and other forms of marketing for her customers. The best part was that she had a lot of knowledge about HVAC companies, because her father was an HVAC technician and he often worked for her. I couldn’t believe my wife was telling me to call her friend. She quietly put the name and phone number on my scratch pad and told me to think about it. I grabbed her hand and told her to stick around while I made the phone call.


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