My tea table turned out to be a perfect knock-off.

For the last seven years or so, I’ve been showing off our tea table as being an antique. It was sold to myself and others as being a shaker coffee table. The color was perfect for a shaker coffee table. Everything about our tea table screamed that it was an antique shaker table. When our brother Bob came to our house, he asked where I picked up the knockoff. I asked Bob what he was talking about. Bob nodded toward our tea table. Bob told myself and others it might be an outdated tea table, however it was a perfect knockoff for an antique shaker table. I was devastated. I argued with Bob plus told him that the salesman who sold it to myself and others assured myself and others that it was an original antique shaker table. Bob told myself and others he had signed papers making him the owner of the Empire State building plus wanted to know if I would buy it from him. After slapping Bob on the arm, I sat down plus stared at our tea table. I couldn’t think I had been duped so badly to believe that it was a real antique, then now that I looked at it, I realized there were wood screws holding the top of the tea table to the legs. Bob saw how distraught I was, plus he patted our back. He told myself and others that even though it was just a knockoff of an antique, the tea table was still absolutely cool looking, plus unless I had paid a large amount of currency it was still worth something. I wanted to ask Bob what he considered a large amount of currency, although I was sure I paid much more than what he was thinking.


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