Laying down commercial roofing tiles is hard work

I always knew that I wasn’t going to go to college to learn about business or science.

I absolutely hated school.

When I was old enough to quit, I tried to talk my mom into letting me stop going to school at 16. She nearly had a heart attack when I mentioned leaving school in the 10th grade. She wasn’t going to have any of that. She told me that I needed to finish school even if I did not plan on going to college. Looking back to that time, I’m glad that my mom forced me to finish High school. Even though I never went to college, I’m still glad that I can say I have a high school diploma. I had to find a job after school was over and I needed the job to be a career. A friend of mine got a job working as an apprentice at a plumbing company. He said he could get me the same job, but I honestly didn’t think that plumbing sounded like a fun way to spend my life. My dad told me about a position that was available at a roofing installation company. The commercial roofing installation company was hiring laborers and no experience was necessary. After my dad told me about the job, I went down to the construction site to speak with someone about a job. I waited for 2 hours to talk to the job foreman. I told the guy that I was interested in laying down commercial roofing tiles. He agreed to give me a shot in the commercial roofing industry.


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