I was told less was more.

My parents had instilled in me that less was more.

When I was a teenager experimenting with makeup, my father wiped the blush from my cheeks and had me remove half of my eyeshadow and eyeliner, and then gave me a mirror.

As I admired the woman in the mirror, he told me to remember that less is more. I took my mother shopping with me when I was buying my wedding gown. I had chosen a dress with miles of lace and when I walked out of the dressing room, mom was holding an elegant dress that had no frills or lace, but was simple and looked beautiful on me. Once again, I was reminded that less was more. When my husband opened his HVAC company and said he wanted a website to advertise his HVAC company, he asked if I could do it. Thinking that less was more, I created a one page website for him. When I looked at the one page website, I sighed. This was one time when less is more was not a good thing. He needed a website that would highlight all of his company’s talents. He needed a website that would beckon people to want to continue looking and make them want to sign up for more information. I knew I wasn’t able to give my husband’s HVAC company the right representation. I called my brother who was a website developer, and asked for his help. I reminded him of all the favors I had done for him in the past and told him he owed me this one.
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