Going a little extra

I recently discovered HEPA air filters, however these air filters are the best for my central heating and air conditioning.

The only thing with these HEPA air filters is that they cost a little more than the familiar air filters that I used to buy, however paying a little extra for these honestly good air filters goes a long way.

Because HEPA air filters last much longer than the familiar air filters, but also HEPA air filters make the indoor air levels of my house stay better than the familiar air filters did, but it is by no means anything like having a whole home air cleaner or even a portable air cleaner. But HEPA air filters make it so that you do not even have to think about air purification unless you have very bad air quality going on outside. That would be the only way. I am highly impressed with these HEPA air filters for my central heating and air conditioning unit. I would never go back to the air filters that I used to buy because these HEPA air filters are simply the best! I can tell you that once you try these things you will think the same way that I do. They also have washable air filters available in the HEPA brand. I may end up trying those washable air filters out eventually too. Because those will be even more bang for your buck by being able to use them several times before having to buy other air filters.


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