Decided to move the honeybee hive to a safe place

My good pals and I took the dirt bikes and ATVs out into the woods on Friday.

There was some mud on the ground from the previous day and we were having heaps of fun spreading it all over each other.

We rode around for a long period of time before we stopped to smoke a joint. We were still in the woods where no one would be able to see us enjoying our weed… Bobby lit up a joint and the four of us started smoking! I heard a very strange buzzing sound in my ear. There was a honey bee on the branch next to me. I moved away from that area where the honey bee was sitting. I did not want to bother it or try to mess with it, and honey bees are an entirely important space of our ecosystem. They are endangered also. We sat in the woods for roughly 15 minutes while we smoked the joint. I heard a bizarre buzzing noise and it was entirely faint and low. I followed the sound of the buzzing all the way to a log on the ground that was covered with honey bees. I’ve never seen such a huge amount of honey bees in one place. There must have been millions of honey bees inside of this dead tree trunk. I was genuinely hoping to look closely inside of the log to see if there was a honeycomb, although I was genuinely afraid to get stung, when we finally got back to the residence, I told my mom about the honey bees. She easily recommended that we call a bee removal service to have the nest relocated to a place that was completely safe.

Bee removal business

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