Glass block window movie

When I was renovating my washroom I realized that I needed to put the window in the shouwer, then i didn’t want to be seen showering from the outside though… So I really wanted to put glass blocks in there, rather than a window having a glass block wall would offer light but not expose me.

I did some research as well as glass blocks are overpriced as well as hard to lay; A lot of people had horror stories of messing up the installation, then the walls weren’t airslender as well as let in rainwater, dirt as well as bugs.

Some people messed up the framework of the house while doing the installation. It looked like quite a bit of work as well as a sizable margin of error… My partner then came up with a brilliant idea, but he told myself and others to do the window, but just add a decorative window movie. It didn’t even occur to myself and others to change the look of the glass, but now I do have a giant window in the shower, but the decorative window movie looks like glass blocks. I worked with the window movie business for weeks designing the best look. It looks like a glass block wall from inside as well as outside of the house. When you are in the hsower you can believe that the glass is smooth instead of ripples, and you can see it isn’t individual blocks but rather a single pane of glass. I just prefer the look in my washroom. It has been holding up legitimately well with steam as well as water being near it too. I guess someday I will need to get a window movie replacement, but thankfully that same business can help myself and others out.



Decorative Window Film Replacements

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