Taking the tour

Back when I was in high school we had quite an interesting field trip that I will always remember.

That was a trip to a heating and air conditioning system factory.

It was for science class. This was rather odd as I really to this day do not understand what the buildings of a central heating and air conditioning system have to do with science! But it was a very interesting and important trip. Because this trip was the thing that got me interested in heating and air conditioning in general. Today I am a certified heat and a/c specialist because of this trip we took in school. I ended up going to heating and air conditioning school when I got out of high school instead of college because being a heating and air conditioning specialist is what I wanted my career to be. It was something about seeing how the HVAC units were built on that tour of the factory and me thinking about how I could possibly fix them if something were to go wrong with them. I guess I must have had the urge to get into the heating and air conditioning business in my blood hidden all my life. I make a real good living today working for this one local heating and air conditioning company in my area. And I really have that school trip to thank for making this all happen. Had we not taken that tour of the heating and cooling system factory for science class, I would have most likely never had my desire to be a heating and air conditioning specialist awaken in me.

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