Life in the west

Living where I do in the west can be tough at times.

This is due to the extensive heat that we get and how I am always having to run my central air conditioning system at top power during those times.

This makes for very high energy bills. It is so hot that even the energy savings tip that I got on some website about using a portable air conditioning system instead would not work. I need the full power of central air conditioning in order to keep the house cool when it is well over one hundred degrees outside. This is also why I invested in the most brand new, up to date, very powerful and great seer rating central heating and air conditioning system last year. I wanted to have the full power possible to get the best air conditioning into my home for the bad heat we get here in the west. I wanted to have pure indoor comfort during these times. And while it cost me an arm and a leg in energy bill costs this time of the year, it is really well worth it to have that indoor comfort when many others are struggling with their out of date and less powerful central heating and air conditioning system units to keep cool during these hot times. But that is life in the west for you. You need to be prepared and ready to battle this bad heat that we get! And I am always ready every single year now with my top of the line central heating and air conditioning system unit!


Life in the west

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